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Beginners Woodwork Project Kit – Build a Toy Crossbow

Beginners Woodwork Project Kit – Build a Toy Crossbow

Woodworking Kit

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Build your own toy crossbow at home with this fun beginners woodworking project kit and virtual workshop

The kit comes with all the components, sandpaper, glue, instructions and templates needed to make your own crossbow. To guide you through the build you will also have access to our 'virtual workshop' – a series of video instructions showing you every step in a clear and detailed way. Plus, if you run into any difficulties, a 15 minute video call with an expert is included for free!

As this is 'proper' woodwork, you will need your own tools – see the lists below for more details. As a minimum, you will need a coping saw, PZ2 screwdriver and hammer for this project. Tools are not included in the project kit, however if you don't have them we’ve got a brilliant Ultimate Beginners Woodwork Tool Set with everything you need and more! You can buy the tool set along with the project kit as a bundle, just select from the drop-down menu above.

Throughout the project you’ll do some basic sawing, shaping and finishing making this kit a great way to start learning these key woodworking skills. We support you at every step with short, concise videos showing what to do – along with detailed written instructions to follow once you’re away from the video screen.

The crossbow components in the kit are made from very high quality, slow-grown Scandinavian pine which is ideal for this project and far better than the wood you might buy from general timber merchants.

So, if you’re looking to learn some critical beginner woodworking skills, this kit is a great place to start. It’s achievable, challenging and fun all rolled into one! We expect it take between 3-5 hours to build this kit.


The kit is suitable for children aged 8 and up (with adult supervision) as well as adults and all beginner woodworkers.  


This project can not be completed without the following tools, so please make sure you have these before you start:

• Coping sawessential for this build

• 2 x 150mm Clamps (It is possible to complete the project without the clamps but not recommended.) 

• Pencil 

• Screwdriver 

• Hammer  



To build the toy crossbow kit in the proper way, we recommend you have the following tools to hand. Whilst they are not all essential, they sure make the job easier. (Almost all of these tools are included in our Ultimate Beginners Tool Set). 

• 2 x Quick release 150mm bar clamps 

• 4 in Hand Rasp and File  

• Hammer  

• 300mm Combination Square  

• 300mm Steel Ruler 

• Mechanical Pencil  

• Screwdriver 

• SawPreferably a Japanese style pull saw for kids but almost any general carpentry saw will do

• Coping Saw  



1 x Crossbow Handle  

2 x Crossbow Bow 

2 x Sights components 

1 x Bungee Cord 

2 x Trigger Pieces  

3 x Trigger Dowels 

1 x Screw 

3 x Panel Pins 

3 x Crossbow bolt dowels with soft end caps  

80, 120 and 180 grit high quality sandpaper  

125ml bottle of high quality Everbuild 502 wood glue  

Printed to scale templates with easy-to-follow dimensions 

Detailed written instructions taking you through step by step 

Access to our short video series showing you how to complete each step, in the right order.  

15 minute video call with an expert if needed


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