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How to Build Virtually Anything! (Intermediate DIY)

How to Build Virtually Anything! (Intermediate DIY)

Beginners DIY / Full Day / Adults

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So, you can use a drill and hang shelves and do a variety of other tasks around the home but you want to know more right?

Maybe you want to build some fitted alcove shelves or pull-out understairs cupboards. Maybe you want to make a bench for the garden, a planter, a box, a kitchen cupboard door, a shed? But where do you start?

This course is intended as a follow on to our extremely popular Beginners DIY course and will take you to the next step on your maker journey.

This course is for makers that already fully understand how to use a drill and how to screw things together in the proper way. If you don’t have those skills yet, please come on our DIY in a Day course and learn those first!
Please note, this course is for adults only. 

This course is intended as a follow on to our extremely popular DIY course and will take you to the next step on your maker journey.

On this skills based course, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start building your own items around the home.

We’ll start by discussing materials – which ones to use for which purpose, where to buy them from and what to expect.

Then, we’ll cover how everyday things are built – we’ll cover everything from kitchen cabinets and alcove cupboards to garden furniture and sheds and give you a good understanding of how things are done. We’ll cover off different ways to connect things together and show you pocket hole joinery, biscuit jointing, floating tenon systems, good old screw and glue and of course nails.

Once you’re armed with this knowledge, you’ll need to learn how to plan a project properly. By the end of the day, you’ll know how much wood to buy and what screws and fasteners you’ll need. We’ll show you how to do this properly, how to create a quality purchasing list, how to create a rough-cut list and a final cut list so your next project will start on the right footing.

You’ll learn the difference between sheet materials, treated, rough sawn timber and PAR timber and why you need to be careful when ordering wood. We’ll cover wood movement as well which is critical to project success.

We’ll finish the day by showing you how to prepare and paint cupboards in the proper way, we’ll also cover waxes, oils and varnishes so you’re fully prepared and ready to build virtually anything!

The how to build virtually anything course is split into learning modules and hands-on modules where you get to practice the skills you’re learning.

We’ll show you what tools you need to cut materials yourself and let you use our track saw and mitre saw to make a variety of cuts to exact dimensions.

You can use the biscuit jointer, pocket hole jig and screws to connect pieces together like a pro.

The Ash & Co. workshop is a super friendly, fun and relaxed environment that welcomes all ages and all genders to share in our passion for making. We want you to leave the workshop happy, content and full of knowledge that you didn’t have before. 

We’re there with you to offer advice every step of the way and always have time to answer all your questions.  All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided on the course and complimentary tea, coffee and water are available throughout the evening. 

To secure your place on one of our DIY in a Day workshop courses simply fill out the form at the top of this page and purchase through the usual checkout process.

We will need the name of the attendee and a contact phone number or email address. You will receive an email confirming all the details, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have before you arrive.

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Customer Reviews

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Nigel Slocombe
Highly recommend this workshop

If you want to increase your knowledge and abilities on how to build virtually anything, then this is defiantly the woodworking course to take.
The instructions and information provided by Jonty is top notch, and the facility has everything available to meet the requirements of this course, and more.
You'll pick up various tips and ideas as throughout your time on the course and will come away having undertaken the construction of a small carcass, and experimented with applying some different types of joints.
I think this course is great value for money given the wealth of information I came away with, and I hope to do another course, possibly more advanced, again in the future.

Hi Nigel, thank you for your lovely feedback. We're so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the course and learnt lots during the day. We hope to see you again in the workshop one day :-)