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Introduction to Woodwork Course Level One

Introduction to Woodwork Course Level One

Woodwork / Full Day / Adults

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Discover the joy of woodworking on our Introduction to Woodwork Level One course!

Perfect for beginners, this one-day workshop will introduce you to a range of hand tool techniques and give you the essential carpentry skills needed to start making things out of wood.

You'll learn how to saw straight and true using any saw, we'll measure and mark wood accurately, learn how to sharpen tools so sharp you can shave hairs with them and get you using and setting-up hand planes, spokeshaves, rasps, files and chisels. 

As we go through the day, we'll use these skills to make a few essential tools you can take home and use throughout your life. 

If you're just beginning your woodworking journey, start here and get the fundamentals right first.  

The Ash & Co Introduction to Woodworking Level One course is designed to give you beginner skills you need to start making things from wood.

Using hand tools, you will learn about saws, which ones you need and how to saw properly. We'll show you various techniques to mark-up wood accurately and cover what tools you'll need. 

Once you’re sawing like a pro, we’ll move onto sharpening and show you how to get the perfect edge on your woodworking tools every-time with a simple set-up anyone can afford. This is a critical skill in carpentry and woodwork and will start you on the right path!

We’ll teach you all about hand-planes, including setting-up, trouble shooting and everyday use, to give you the confidence you need to use a hand plane properly. We’ll use the plane to flatten wood, square our edges and get the perfect finish but be warned – it’s addictive!

You will also learn all about different wood types and why you should use them for your carpentry projects, and you’ll get to practice basic shaping skills using hand tools such as rasps, files and chisels.

During the day you will use your new skills to make a simple bench hook and wooden try square that will be yours to keep and use for life. 

This course is thoughtfully crafted by Jonty, our woodworking expert, who is passionate about sharing his knowledge. You will go home with the skills and confidence needed to start making things out of wood as well as a comprehensive information pack which will remind you of everything learned on the day so you can continue to practice at home.


• Various types of saws including British and Japanese styles 
• Marking tools including combination square, try square and marking knife
• Hand Planes 
• Various work holding options including bench hook, vice and saw bench
• Diamond stone sharpening system
• Shooting board
• Chisels
• Spokeshaves
• Rasps and Files
• Sandpaper 


The Introduction to Woodwork Level One course is for complete beginners who want to learn hand tool woodwork and carpentry skills. No experience is necessary but a keen willingness to learn woodworking is essential!

If you are already competent with a tenon, panel and pull saw, know your jack from your smoothing plane and can sharpen like a pro; check out our Level Two course. We are always happy to discuss which course would be right for you, just get in touch (click here for contact details)

The minimum age for this woodworking course is 16.


Located just off the A287 on the Hampshire / Surrey border, Ash & Co. Workshops is a super friendly, fun and relaxed environment that welcomes all ages and all genders to share in our passion for making. We want you to leave the workshop happy, content and full of knowledge that you didn’t have before. 

We’re there with you to offer advice every step of the way and always have time to answer all your questions.  All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided on the course and complimentary tea, coffee and water are available throughout the day. 


To secure your place on one of our beginners Introduction to Woodworking courses simply fill out the form at the top of this page and purchase through the usual checkout process.

We will need the name of the attendee and a contact phone number or email address. You will receive an email confirming all the details, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have before you arrive.

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