Mini-Maker Education Pack

Ash & Co Workshops mini-maker education pack woodworking project for schools

Are you a teacher, school club or childcare provider? Would you like to give your pupils a fun, creative woodworking project in school?

Our Mini-Maker Education Pack contains everything you need to easily deliver a woodworking project in your school at a greatly reduced cost.

Each child will make a wooden character that they can customise to their own design. They will learn how to sand wood properly, how to attach components together using screws and dowels and how to use hammers and screwdrivers safely. They will have a selection of accessories and stickers to make theirs totally unique and end up with a great looking character with moving arms and legs, as well as a huge sense of pride! We even include glue dots for mess-free, instant sticking.

The education pack contains pre-drilled hardwood components, screws, dowels, sandpaper, glue-dots and a range of cool accessories to stick on to make eyes, ears, hair, or whatever the childrens imaginations come up with!

The pack arrives with all the components stacked in labelled boxes and bags ready for you to hand out to the children. We recommend using some small trays or dishes if you have them to share out the accessories or put some on each table.

The only tools that are required are screwdrivers for the arms and legs, hammers for tapping the dowels in and safety specs (both sold separately).

This character building woodworking project is aimed at ages 5 to 12 but is also great fun for older kids. Younger children may require more support and supervision.

This awesome kit will bring the magic of the workshop to your school or club. All this is included in the price:

Main Components:
• Pre-drilled Head Blocks
• Pre-drilled Body Blocks
• Pre-drilled Arms and Legs

• Small beads, buttons, hexagon nuts, small washers & more
• Wool in different colours
• Fun stickers to make faces 

• Non-toxic glue dots to stick on accessories
• Individually cut pieces of 120grit sand paper
• Instruction booklets

A detailed instruction booklet per child showing how to put their character together with extra maker tips on the back.

Teachers Materials:
We include a free risk assessment and a have a range of videos showing each skill required to assemble the projects.


Build a wooden character project pack: 
£9 (+VAT) per child
Minimum order: 25

Free delivery to one UK address.

Discounts available for large orders, please get in touch to discuss.



How do I place an order? 
Please email Amanda on or call 01252 940868.

How long will the activity take?
The activity should take approximately 1 hour.

How many adults will be needed?
This depends on the children’s age. We recommend one adult to three or four for younger children.

From around age 8 or 9 children are able to work more independently but must always be supervised when using tools.

Do you have a risk assessment?
Yes, we have a risk assessment specific to woodworking with children. Please let us know if you would like a copy for your records and we will be happy to forward it to you.

Do you come into the school to run the activity?
No, instead we provide everything you need to run it yourselves. This keeps the cost of the activity really low and accessible for educators.

Do I need experience in woodworking to run this activity?
No! The skills used are very basic and we have a range of videos showing how to assemble the kits. We are also happy to chat over any questions you may have on the phone.


For more information, please contact us today