Our Story

Ash and Co are a family-run maker studio with woodworking courses for all

A warm welcome to the Ash and Co. workshop.

Back in 2012, I began creating handmade furniture combining traditional techniques with contemporary design and the best natural materials. This passion led to the foundation of Ash & Co. where every piece we make is designed to bring a touch of luxury and joy to your home.

I wanted to make special things that will last for a generation or more and be truly treasured. And to do so with a minimum amount of impact on the world around me by using as little plastics and chemicals as possible in our products.

I strive for absolute perfection without compromise and always will.

Woodworking Courses and DIY Workshops
My love for this craft has led to the foundation of our woodworking and DIY courses. I wish to be able to share the joy of woodwork, my love of traditional craftsmanship, and the satisfaction I feel everytime I make something I can truly say I am proud of.

Our relaxed, informal courses are all project-based so that students will go home with an extended knowledge of woodwork as well as a lovely item that they made with their own hands. Most of these projects are suitable for complete beginners and no previous woodworking experience is necessary. Just a desire to get stuck-in and learn! Our programme includes many evening and weekend sessions designed to fit around people's busy modern lives. I look forward to welcoming as many people as possible to our workshop, of all ages, genders and skill levels, to enjoy creating their own lovely Ash and Co projects.

Interested in joining a hands-on woodworking class or DIY workshop? 
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Handmade Furniture & Products
All Ash & Co. products are all made from high-quality, furniture grade FSC certified wood which is purchased locally in Hampshire and Surrey.

Every Ash & Co. project begins with furniture grade FSC certified wood purchased locally in Hampshire and Surrey or reclaimed wood. We buy our wood as whole slices of tree trunks which we then chop to size in our Hampshire workshop. We smooth, square and flatten the wood ourselves into the correct sizes for use.
Once we have our useable planks ready, we cut them to size to suit the project we are working on and get to work making and assembling our range of luxury products.
At Ash & Co. we do everything in-house ourselves to ensure the job is done to the highest possible quality with no compromises. We are committed to avoiding the use of plastics and harsh chemicals wherever possible so we use only natural finishes and avoid plastics in our packaging wherever possible.