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DIY in a Day Workshop

DIY in a Day Workshop

Beginners DIY / Full Day / Adults

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Unlock your DIY potential with our hands-on one day workshop!

Are you tired of those pesky DIY tasks becoming a never-ending nightmare? It's time to take control! Join our DIY in a Day course and gain the confidence to conquer those home improvement projects like a pro.

Basic DIY jobs come up time and time again and if you know what to do, most jobs are easy. If you don’t know what to do though, it can be a nightmare!

We want to help guide you through the maze of DIY and give you a good basic understanding of how to do some simple, but often tricky jobs around the house. 

In this action packed DIY in a Day course for adults, we will cover as many topics as possible leaving you with the skills you need to attack that next DIY job with ease. And - if you’ve got a burning question about DIY you would like us to answer - this is your chance. 

Whether you're a complete beginner or just looking to enhance your practical skills around the house, this workshop is designed for you. No prior experience required—this is your opportunity to become a DIY superstar.
Please note, this course is exclusively for adults only. 

In just one, really enjoyable day, you'll discover the secrets of DIY you’ve been desperate to know. You’ll learn how to properly use a drill and understand fully which funny shaped but to put in the end of it. Then, practice, practice, practice until you’re truly confident.

You’ll learn how to choose the right tools at the DIY shop and drill into wood, metal, and masonry like a seasoned pro. Say goodbye to guessing what's behind your walls before drilling—it's all part of the package.

Learn how to hang shelves and curtain rails like a pro, using the correct wall fixings and levelling techniques. Learn how to attach things together properly to make alcove shelves, cupboards, boxes, planters – the world is yours!   

Once you’re comfortable with your newfound skills, we’ll hang some shelf brackets on a plasterboard wall, drill into bricks/concrete and show you how to avoid those water pipes and electrics! If there’s time, we’ll also cover handsaws and show you how to saw like a pro!  

As the day winds up, cover any questions you’ve got on power tools of all kinds and show you them in action – should you buy a jigsaw or a mitre saw? Are power tools safe? Do I need to spend hundreds of pounds? 

The DIY in a Day course is suitable for DIY beginners of all ages. It’s the perfect introduction to everything DIY and you will leave the workshop with a set of skills that will last a lifetime.

In this hands on course, you will be using the following tools:
• Cordless drill driver and hammer drill
 SDS drill
 Impact driver
 Drill bits of all kinds
 Countersink drill bits
 Spirit levels/Laser level
 Brick, concrete and plasterboard wall fixings of all kinds
 Variety of screws
 Variety of hand saws
 Tape measure, pencils and rulers

The Ash & Co. workshop is a super friendly, fun and relaxed environment that welcomes all ages and all genders to share in our passion for making. We want you to leave the workshop happy, content and full of knowledge that you didn’t have before. 

We’re there with you to offer advice every step of the way and always have time to answer all your questions.  All tools, materials and safety equipment are provided on the course and complimentary tea, coffee and water are available throughout the evening. 

To secure your place on one of our DIY in a Day workshop courses simply fill out the form at the top of this page and purchase through the usual checkout process.

We will need the name of the attendee and a contact phone number or email address. You will receive an email confirming all the details, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have before you arrive.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thorough introduction to the arts of using an electrical drill/screwdriver

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but really enjoyed my day at the workshop, with other keenie beanies, desperate to learn! Jonty, who is clearly very experienced in his field, explained everything in a clear and logical manner, but was not at all dry. He gave us plenty of opportunity to practice, make mistakes and learn from them and was generous with his time, answering any questions, that we had. It was clear from the comments of fellow attendees that they enjoyed the day as much as I and that they were planning to go back for the next level of DIY, as am I!

Hi Lou, thank you for your feedback and lovely comments, we're so pleased you enjoyed your day in the workshop

DIY in a day

I really loved this day, a great group of fellow diy novices in a well organised, well equipped workshop. Jonty is welcoming, informative and very patient, no question too silly to ask him. There was much laughter and lots of hands on experimenting. I am hoping to practise the techniques Jonty taught us and then I’ll be back for the follow on workshop. Thoroughly recommend!

Hi Sarah, thank you for your lovely review. We're so pleased you enjoyed the day and learned lots and hope to welcome you back for the next workshop soon :-)

Nicholas Tiplady
Everything I'd hoped it would be!

I attended Jonty's DIY in a day course and it didn't disappoint. I have carried out some basic DIY at home over the years but had always set about projects with trepidation. Not any more...Jonty's course is very informative, fun, informal and entertaining! I am now set to tackle projects with more confidence AND so enjoyable was the beginners course that I have signed myself up to the next more advanced course. Thanks Jonty!

Hi Nick, thank you for your lovely feedback. So pleased you enjoyed the course and we look forward to welcoming you back for the next one!

A great course

Thankyou sooo much for the great course today. I actually feel I can now have a "go".

Your enthusiasm is infectious! Please let me know if you decide to do more courses. I would be very interested!

Ah thanks Jill that’s absolutely brilliant and I really appreciate the email it means the world to me. Best of luck with your next project and if you get stuck or forget anything, just give me a call any time. Jonty

I did the one day DIY course and it was brilliant.

Started off with the real basics so you know exactly what youÕre doing and why. By the end the skills IÕd learned in just one day were enough to cover so many projects around the house...itÕs everything you need to know to do curtain rails, shelves, attach things to walls outside. My first project is building a compost heap from some spare wood and next year build my own shed!
Recommend - 5 stars