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Ultimate Beginners DIY Kit

Ultimate Beginners DIY Kit

Tool Sets

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Get started in DIY with the Ultimate Beginners DIY Kit. 

In this kit we have gathered together a range critical DIY tools that no DIYer should be without.

The DIY Kit can be bought with or without a drill, see below for details. 

The kit comes with access to a range of videos showing you how to use each tool in the proper way to get you started on your DIY journey.

We've included everything you need to complete most of the everyday DIY jobs found around the home. You'll be able to hang shelves, curtain rails, blinds, pictures and hundreds of other things to brick, plastered walls, plasterboard walls and more.

You'll have your own set of high quality screws to tackle hundreds of build and repair jobs, a wood and metal detector so you know what's behind the wall before you start drilling. A starter pack drill set for wood, plastic, bricks and masonry. We've even included a set of screwdriver bits to go in the end of your drill which cover most major screw types you'll find around the home.

Just add a drill and you're ready to go! 

Here's what you get:

3-in-1 Stud, Metal & Live Detector
See through walls with this essential tool. Find out if there's a cable or pipe behind the wall before you start drilling!  Find out where the wood is behind a plasterboard wall so you can hang that heavy mirror where you want!  

17 Piece Drill Set
A range of jobber drill bits for wood and plastics and masonry drill bits plastered walls will get you going for almost any job around the home. The set includes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5, 5.5, 6mm HSS Jobber Drill Bits and 3, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Masonry Drill Bits 

Screwdriver Bit Set - 33 Piece
A great holder and bit set to fit any power drill with Phillips, PoziDrive, Flat Head, Hex and Torx bits. You'll be able to tackle most jobs with these in your toolbox!

Forgefix Woodscrew Multipack 1100
Forgefix make great quality screws and this kit will have what you need to get the job done. It comes with all this: 2 x PZ2 Bits, 130 off 3.5 x 25mm, 190 off 3.5 x 30mm, 130 off 4 x 20mm, 185 off 4 x 25mm, 150 off 4 x 30mm, 110 off 4 x 40mm, 80 off 4 x 50mm, 60 off 5 x 50mm, 65 off 5 x 70mm. If that doesn't get the job done then screw it! 

Cavity Wall Anchors
In our opinion, these are an absolute must for fixing to plasterboard walls and if you don't know what there are there's full instructions. We've included a range of sizes to cover light and heavy duty applications. You'll get 10 of each of: M5 x 37mm, M5 x 65mm, M4 x 32mm, M6 x 52mm.   

Cavity Wall Anchor Fixing Tool
This is the tool you need to use the Cavity Wall anchors above properly. It's an absolute must have and we've included a good one for you.  

Plasplugs Supergrips Concrete and Brick Fixings Wall Plugs
We've given you a good quality set of wall plugs here - You'll get 150 in total in three sizes, small, medium and large to cover almost any application.  

X-Trade Torpedo Magnetic Spirit Level - 250mm 
Everyone needs a level in their toolbox and this ones is a good one. You'll get the job done easily and it's magnetic too. Fancy pants!

Need a drill to go with the kit?

Save loads of money by combining this kit with the brilliant Draper Storm Force 20V Combi Drill Driver. We chose this drill as it's powerful, a reasonable price and suitable for 95% of jobs you'll come across. 

Draper offers a brilliant 2 year guarantee on their drills and we use them in our workshop to teach our DIY in a Day course. Suitable for drilling into wood, plastic, metal and concrete, bricks and masonry - it's a great drill to accompany this kit. 

Learning DIY 

When you're starting out in DIY, you need to build up a decent set of tools that you know will perform. Combined with the drill, this a perfect place to start your DIY journey.

If you want to learn face to face, then why not come on one of our extremely popular DIY Courses and get stuck in! 


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