Half Term FUNdraiser!

May Half Term Fun-draiser for schools

Keep the kids entertained this half term – and raise money for your school!

We've always been keen a supporter of schools and we know how tough it has been for them without all the usual fairs, raffles and events that bring in much-needed funds. 

Our Half Term FUNdraiser special offer will keep the kids having fun and raise money for your school. Winner - winner!

Participating schools will receive a unique code to share with their community that gives the customer a 5% discount AND donates 15% of every kit or course they buy to the school.

The best part is that the workshop will be open during half term for mini-maker workshops - the perfect creative outing to keep little ones entertained - and the discount codes will be valid in the workshop as well as online.

A mini-maker workshop costs just £5 to reserve a bench space with woodworking projects chosen and paid for on the day. You can make fun characters, scrappy cars or wooden rainbows to name just a few of the projects on offer in the workshop. 

Alternatively, our best-selling maker kits start from just £16.95 and bring the magic of the workshop to you. With just a few basic household tools you can have the magic of the workshop in your own home. 

How it works

To sign up your school, just email Amanda at hello@ashandcompany.co.uk
We will send you a unique discount code and PDF poster that can be emailed out to your school community.
Anyone who uses your unique code at checkout will receive a 5% discount plus 15% of their order value will be added to your donation.
All orders placed up to midnight on Sunday 6th June 2021 will apply.
In the week commencing 7th June we will contact each school's fundraising team and make the appropriate donation.





    Mini maker and woodworking at home kits

    What is a Mini-Maker Workshop?

    A mini-maker workshop is a fun 1.5 hour family woodworking session in our Crondall workshop.

    On arrival, mini-makers will choose their projects – we have wooden characters, scrappy racer cars or even egg cups, wooden mallets and rainbows! This range will be added to regularly.

    In your bench space will be all the tools, accessories, extra scrap wood, fabric, wood curls and more needed to make totally awesome creations!

    Suitable for children aged 5 and up, these sessions are a fun creative activity that will teach your children hands-on woodworking skills in a safe environment.

    What is a Maker Kit?

    Choose from an ever-expanding range of fun projects, awesome block characters and cool wooden cars.

    Each kit comes with all the wooden blocks and components (pre-drilled if necessary) to build your project with, plus instructional videos to get you making. 

    Our mini-maker kits also include lots of accessories and even some extra scrap wood for maximum creativity. Just like in our workshops, we want everyone to enjoy creating something totally unique that they are truly proud of.

    Every kit is designed with fun in mind and handmade in our Hampshire workshop using a variety of FSC certified solid woods.

    Why woodwork?

    Why woodwork?

    The benefits of woodworking are HUGE (and we could wax lyrical for hours!) but here are just a few reasons why you – and your kids - will love trying out woodwork…

    🛠️  It's creative…

    Give your kids a few pieces of wood and you’ll be AMAZED at what their imagination can do

    🎓 It's educational…

    Woodwork is a great way to develop STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) something that will set your kids up for life

    But most importantly…

    😊 It's FUN!

    Creating something with your own two hands is a fantastic experience and seeing the pride on your child’s face when they’ve completed their kit is priceless.


    Ash and Co Workshops Character Building Kits for Kid


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