Black Friday 2023

Mini Maker Kits Black Friday Sale 2023

Mini Maker Kits
Black Friday Deals

Our kit bundles are back for Black Friday 2023! Stock up for a creative Christmas 🤶✨🎁

Choose any 2 kits* = 5% off
Choose any 3 kits* = 10% off
Choose any 4+ kits* = 15% off

 * Applies to Super Makes, Pet Makes and Monster Makes kits only. Discount applied automatically. Ends 27/11/23

Our mini-maker kits are a great craft activity or gift for kids age 6+. With just a few basic household tools you'll have the magic of the workshop in your own home.


What is a Mini-Maker Kit?
Each kit comes with all the blocks and components (pre-drilled if necessary) to build your project with, plus easy-to-follow instructions to bring the workshop experience to you. No woodworking knowledge is necessary, just get stuck in and discover the joy of working with real wood! 

Our mini-maker kits include lots of accessories and even custom decals for total creative freedom. This is where the real magic happens as you watch your child unleash their imagination and make something totally unique! Just like in our workshops, we want everyone to enjoy creating something that they are truly proud of.

Every kit is designed with fun in mind and handmade in our Hampshire workshop using a variety of FSC certified solid wood.
Ash & Co Workshops creative woodworking craft kits for children

Why woodwork?

The benefits of woodworking are HUGE (and we could wax lyrical for hours!) but here are just a few reasons why you – and your kids - will love trying out woodwork…

🛠️  It's creative…

Give your kids a few pieces of wood and you’ll be AMAZED at what their imagination can do

🎓 It's educational…

Woodwork is a great way to develop STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) something that will set your kids up for life

But most importantly…

😊 It's FUN!

Creating something with your own two hands is a fantastic experience and seeing the pride on your child’s face when they’ve completed their kit is priceless. 

Ash & Co Workshops mini-maker woodworking kits for kids