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Ultimate Beginners Woodworking Tool Set - Stage One

Ultimate Beginners Woodworking Tool Set - Stage One

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Start your woodworking journey with the Ultimate Beginners Woodworking Tool Set. 

The Ash & Co Ultimate Beginner Woodworking Tool Set is not just any old tool kit! We have gathered together a range of perfect tools to allow you to start your woodworking journey – all the essentials you need to mark, cut and shape wood properly.  

Every tool in the set has an associated video showing you how to use each one in the proper way to get you started on your woodworking journey.  

This kit is suitable for adults and supervised children (8+) alike and offers an easy entry point to a vast subject! 

Please note: the wooden tool box in the photo is just for demo purposes and is not included in this set. You can see our project kit to make your own here > 

First-up, the Irwin Japanese style general carpentry saw is the ideal first saw to own. It won’t get stuck in the wood like traditional panel saws and its shorter length makes it perfect for all. It cuts easily, with precision and is suitable for small and large cuts.  

Next, the Faithful Coping Saw allows you cut out notches and curves with ease giving you access to a range of exciting projects. An essential addition to the toolbox  

The 150mm combination square, steel ruler and mechanical pencil are the perfect tools to make your marks accurate and true which is absolutely essential for all woodworking tasks. 

The four-in-hand rasp and file and sandpaper pack are the ideal companions for shaping wood quickly and cleanly. Both essential tools to have in your bag!  

The Everbuild 502 glue is a renowned wood glue which sticks fast, sets quick and clear and is just what you need to get started.  

Suitable for all your hammering needs, we’ve included a lightweight hammer which is great for kids and adults alike.  

The included 300mm quick release bar clamp will allow you to hold projects together while the glue dries and the two 150mm clamps are ideal for smaller projects and pieces. You can never have too many clamps in woodworking, and this is a great and affordable place to start! You can also use the clamps to hold pieces while you saw or shape them if you don’t have access to a vice yet.  

When you’re starting out on your woodworking journey, the key thing is to get a toolkit together that works well to build confidence and will allow you to build a variety of projects without breaking the bank and that’s what we’ve done here. These tools are tried and tested in our workshops and are perfect for the task. 

Your first woodworking projects  

This tool set is the ideal companion for both our Make a Toy Crossbow Kit and our Make a Wooden Toolbox Kit and contains everything you need to build either one. Check out our awesome bundle offer to get them together.   

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