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Sharp Edge Diamond Sharpening System

Sharp Edge Diamond Sharpening System

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The Sharp Edge Diamond Sharpening System is the perfect solution for getting your tools scary sharp in seconds! 

This brilliant sharpening system from G-Sharp Tools is completely unique and genuinely makes sharpening super easy and quick. We liked it so much at Ash & Co, we decided to start stocking it immediately! 

When you're just starting your woodworking journey, learning to sharpen using more traditional methods can be really tricky. The Sharp Edge Sharpening System takes out all the guess work and makes sharpening VERY quick and VERY easy which is just ideal.

We use the Sharp Edge in our own workshop for honing blades and can't recommend it enough. 

What can it sharpen?  

It primary use is to hone the edges of plane blades, chisels, spoke shave blades and any square edged tool.

The Sharp Edge will sharpen a 3mm chisel up to an 85mm large plane blade and anything in between.

The honing angle can be set anywhere from 22deg - 90deg. 

Woodworkers can get really consistent results with very little set-up time needed. Just a few strokes and you're done! 

How does it work?    

Full instructions and access to a video are included in the pack but in simple terms, you just attach the magnetic diamond stone you want to use (There are 4 - 200g, 400g, 800g, 1200g), slide in your blade and set the angle you want. Then just slide the carriage back and forward 7 or 8 times and you're done! It really is that simple.

It's safe and so simple a child could use it (under supervision of course!). 

Can I bring back my rusty old chisels with the Sharp Edge?   

No, the Sharp Edge is designed for honing the blade only, it's not suitable for full regrinds of damaged edges - you'll want your bench grinder for that! It's for keeping your edges sharp whilst you're working. 

What is it made from? 

The Sharp Edge Diamond Sharpening System is made from super stong and lightweight plastic so the tool is easy to have with you in the tool bag. It can also be screwed down to a bench if you like (although we didn't see the need to do that).  The Everbuild 502 glue is a renowned wood glue which sticks fast, sets quick and clear and is just what you need to get started.  

The G-Sharp Sharp Edge System is designed and made right here in the UK and we're proud to be stocking this fantastic product so get yours today and support another awesome British company today. 



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