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Clever Bench Hook with Cam Clamp

Clever Bench Hook with Cam Clamp

Ash & Co.

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Take the hard work out of hand sawing with our innovative bench hook and cam clamp.

  • 300mm x 260mm for greater stability
  • Custom 3D printed cam clamp handle to grip almost any piece of wood with ease
  • Suitable for any saw type – Push or Pull
  • Measurements printed on the surface to aid in quick cam handle positioning
  • Made from high quality moisture resistant 22mm MDF
  • 240mm long cutting fence – user adjustable
  • Coated in protective black oil
  • Easy to assemble – just screw in two included thumbscrews

Safety and convenience are at the forefront of our design. The custom-made cam clamp included with the bench hook securely holds the wood in place, eliminating any risks of slippage during sawing. This feature is especially beneficial for those learning how to saw, ensuring a steady and controlled cutting experience.

Unlike traditional bench hooks, our product is larger in size at 300mm wide, providing unparalleled stability and support while sawing.

The bench hook is suitable for both British style “push saws” or Japanese style “pull saws”. For pull saws, the base plate can simply be unscrewed and positioned under the back edge of the bench hook. For enhanced stability, it is recommended to secure the base plate in a vice when using pull saws, ensuring minimal movement during cutting.

Equipped with two rows of dog holes, our bench hook allows the clamp to be effective for pieces of wood at any length and up to 140mm wide. It is designed to cater to both left-handed and right-handed woodworkers, offering a great experience for all.

Crafted with utmost quality and durability in mind, our bench hook is constructed from high-quality, moisture-resistant MDF. Each piece is hand-finished with a protective black oil coating, guaranteeing years of reliable use.

To assist you in getting started, we provide comprehensive video instructions on our dedicated video page. Learn the proper techniques and unleash your woodworking potential with confidence.

Every Ash & Co Bench Hook with Cam Clamp is proudly hand-crafted in our Hampshire workshop in the UK.

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