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Woodworking Tool Kit - Connecting Wood

Woodworking Tool Kit - Connecting Wood


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A bargain bundle of tools containing everything you need to start connecting wood together. Comes boxed to give as a gift.


Hand Drill and Drill Bits 

The excellent Double Pinion Hand Drill from Draper is just perfect for kids to use. Spin the hand to drill a hole - it teaches concentration and perseverance and kids will make lots of use of this! Comes with two packs of drill bits - HSS and Brad Point for drilling into wood.


Screwdrivers and Screws

The Ratcheting Screwdriver and 14 Piece Bit Set is an easy-to-use screwdriver that does it all! Click it one way to do up screws and the other way to undo - makes life easy for kids with less dexterity. All the bits are kept in the back of the screwdriver too so they won't get lost.

3 Piece Stubby screwdriver set - stubby screwdrivers are great for kids and adults alike, they're easier to control for smaller hands and get the job done well. A must have for anyone building anything.


Hammer & Nails

Also included is a stubby claw hammer, which is great for experimenting with nailing things together and has the ability to pull the nails out with the claw at the back. Perfect for small hands and the lighter weight is easier for children to use repeatably. Comes with a Nails and Tack Assortment to get you connecting pieces together in no time! 

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