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Little Brian Paint Sticks Day Glow Colours

Little Brian Paint Sticks Day Glow Colours

Ash & Co. Workshops

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The Day Glow solid fluorescent colours are our favourites as they come out looking so bright and neon - it’s just very cool. This pack comes with six unique colours and looks amazing!

The non-toxic, quick drying, mess-free Little Brian Paint Sticks are absolutely brilliant! We use them in the workshop all the time and they have so many uses. They’re great for big bold and blocky colour application that dries quick. (60 Seconds Quick!)

You can use them straight from the stick onto paper, wood, fabrics or glass or you can mix them with water and create watercolour style paints. You can let them dry naturally but if you apply heat using a hairdryer - the paint will ‘set’ permanently and won’t ever rub off. 

Great paints at a great price and perfect for making your projects bright and colourful!  Get yours while stocks last!

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