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Wooden Mallet Making Kit

Wooden Mallet Making Kit

Ash & Co. Workshops

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This great beginners kit teaches kids a little bit of secret joinery and can be personalised with their name on too! 

The finished mallet is small in size making it perfect for kids to use to put characters together or start on their woodworking journey. 

The mallet is made from beech and solid Ash and just requires sanding and fitting together with no glue required. We also include Osmo Hard Wax-Oil to finish the mallet with at the end which makes it look fabulous. 
You can choose to have your child's name engraved on one side of the mallet head for a truly special gift. If you choose this option please email us with your text after ordering.

A mallet like this will last a lifetime and be a tool that children can make and use and then pass on to their future children and grandchildren!

The kit is great fun and we know you'll love it. 


The character building kit
Your Wooden Mallet Making Kit comes with:

  • Solid Ash Mallet Head
  • Beech Mallet Handle
  • Wedge for Secret fox wedged tenon 
  • Osmo PolyX Oil Sachet
  • 3M Finishing Pad 
  • 120grit sandpaper 

For in-depth build instructions, please check out our video here 

    As an optional extra, we recommend including a Tri-Base Detail Sander. This little sander is super light-weight and great for small objects making it the perfect addition to this kit. Click here if you would like to view details of the sander and add it to your kit ›  

    Character building kits for all ages
    Making this lovely mallet is great fun for kids and beginner woodworkers alike and is a great project for an adult and child to work on together creating quality time and lovely memories. It’s also a great gift you can make and give to someone else.

    We recommend children aged 8 and above and adults of any age for this kit. The kit requires thorough sanding and finishing and should take 1 - 2 hours to complete.

    This is not a toy and children must be supervised at all times when building their kit. 

    What tools are needed to make a wooden character?
    The mallet project can be completed with no additional tools just using the sandpaper and finishing kit provided. That said, if you are hand-sanding we highly recommend using a small block (wood or anything you have around the house) to help with sanding so your hands don’t get tired.

    As well as a small block, a lightweight power sander is also helpful and is perfect for this kit. If hand-sanding is not your thing, click here to find out more about the Draper Tri-Base Detail Sander ›

    Safety warnings
    This woodworking kit is not a toy. It contains small parts and must be kept out of the way of babies and very young children. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times whilst making this kit. Once assembled, please keep your character away from babies due to the small parts and components which may become loose when the kit is complete. 

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