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Rainbow Making Kit

Rainbow Making Kit

Ash & Co. Workshops

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We are so pleased to extend our range of make-at-home kits with this awesome seven-arch rainbow that you can finish at home and display in your windows to give hope to everyone passing by.

These rainbows are made from solid ash hardwood and can be painted at home to make your rainbow beautiful for all to see.

We think the best way to finish them however is with our Osmo colour kit – coloured wood oils that give a lovely intense colour as well as showing off the grain of the beautiful wood.


The character building kit

You have the choice of two Seven Arch Rainbow kits - the first is our ‘Raw’ Rainbow Kit which comes cut to shape but totally un-sanded. Also included is a good length of sandpaper so you can sand off the rough edges before painting and finishing.

The ‘Raw Rainbow’ kit will take a fair bit of work to do by hand properly so would only be suitable for older kids or adults who will have the patience.

The ‘Rounded Rainbow’ Kit has had the edges professionally rounded over leaving a lot less work to do. The kit will only require a little sanding to finish it off and get that perfect finish making it a great kit for those who don't fancy lots of sanding.

Both Rainbows are approximately 270mm wide, 130mm high and 30mm thick and made up of seven sections.

Our Osmo Intensive Oil Colour Kit is an additional kit which comes with 7 plastic mixing pots, 3M non-abrasive applicator mini-sponges, 2 pairs of gloves and 4 sachets of Osmo Intensive Colour sachets: 1 x Yellow, 1 x Red, 1 x Blue & 1 x White. We’ve included white Osmo in this kit so that you have more option when mixing your colours.

In our opinion, this is the perfect way to finish your lovely rainbow kit - from the three primary colours and white, you can also mix your own Orange, Green, Indigo & Violet. 

You will end up with a stunning rainbow while still being able to see the grain of the wood which looks fab!

Please note that our Intensive Oils must be used with care. They will permanently stain any surface they come into contact with and are not suitable children. All oils are children and pet safe when dry.

So, whichever Rainbow kit you choose - you’re sure to have a great time working together to get it done. It’s a lovely kit of the highest quality which will last a lifetime and look great.

For instructions on how to use our Osmo Colouring Kit, please check our video here.

For full sanding instructions, please check out our video here.


Character building kits for all ages
This kit is a great family project but as always, supervision is a must. The Osmo oil we provide can only be used by adults due to the small amount of drying agents in it and it will stain anything it touches so make sure you work on a suitable surface. 


Safety warnings
This is not a toy and children must be supervised at all times when building their kit. Always protect your clothing and workspace, especially if using Osmo oils and read all instructions first.

Customer testimonials

"We love our rainbow that we bought a few weeks ago. It makes me smile whenever I see it from inside or out!"
Elizabeth, Fleet

"Our three children adored making this with us. It was such a lovely activity to do as a family. Thank you "
Hariette, Winkfield

"Loved making my rainbow, great to make on a rainy afternoon. What a great birthday present, it’s not just for children!"
Marion, Church Crookham

We LOVE seeing photos of the rainbows you've made. Here are just a few of our favourites. Please do keep sending us your pics Makers 😊

 Ash & Co Rainbow making kits customer photos



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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!

arrived quickly and we had great fun painting it

What a wonderful concept, superb craftsmanship and great fun home making kit.

Also hats off for going above and beyond to source ways of delivering locally on Good Friday and during the Lockdown.
A great company, which I hope have continued success and look forward to booking a workshop after the Lockdown