Rainbow Making Kit Instruction Video - Osmo Colour

UPDATE 18th MAY 2020:
We have now upgraded the Six-Arch Rainbow with Osmo Kit to include White. If you purchased a six-arch rainbow before 18th May, please click here ›


Thank you for buying one of our amazing Osmo Colouring Kits.

Osmo Intensive Colours are superb to use, made from natural ingredients and last for ages without peeling or blistering. However, they do need to be used in a certain way to get the right results. 

That's why we've launched this in-depth instruction video so you can watch in full before you get started using your kit and learn how to mix your very own colours. 

It's really important to watch to make sure you get the perfect finish but if you're left with any questions at all, please just get in touch with us direct.

Remember: Osmo coloured oils are not paints, they are stains with permanent pigments that will stain anything they come into contact with.

They are only suitable for use with an adult present at all times. 

Clean-up and spillage: Should you get Osmo on your hands or need to clean-up, then use white spirits to clean the oil from tools and hands. 

These colours are just fab and really allow the grain of the wood to shine through so we think they are just perfect. We hope you have a wonderful time using them to make awesome rainbows and kits to show in your windows!

Have fun makers and we can't wait to see you in the workshops soon!