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Osmo Clear Extra Thin

Osmo Clear Extra Thin

Wood Finishes

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This Clear Transparent Wood Wax Oil is perfect for protecting and enhancing interior exotic hardwoods with high oil content and tight grain.

  • Durable and tough
  • Resistant to dirt and scuffs
  • Great protection from water
  • Natural clear satin finish
  • No cracking or flaking
  • Kid and pet safe

Why we love using Wood Wax oil at Ash & Co Workshops.

This Wood Wax Oil easy to apply, can be used on a variety of interior hardwood surfaces and really enhances the grain, bringing out the natural colour of the wood. Its easy to apply, offers excellent protection from water and the satin finish gives a lovely soft sheen that protects from scuffs. 

Osmo Clear Extra Thin does not crack or flake, is safe for kids/pets and dries overnight.

We would use Osmo Clear Extra Thin on interior hardwood kitchen worktops, floors, doors, furniture, chopping boards, toys and almost any interior hardwood surface. It's perfect for moisture rich environments like kitchens and bathrooms due to the high water repellent properties. It's a really great product and we highly recommend it. 


The hardwood surface must be clean and dry with all traces of old paints, waxes and lacquers removed by sanding or using a suitable paint/varnish stripper/remover.

Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood with Osmo Wood Filler.

When sanding, a dust mask should be worn. Carefully sand wood surfaces beginning with course grade sandpaper, work down to around P120-150 grit.

Make sure all sanding dust is thoroughly removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Osmo Clear Extra Thin is ready to use, please do not thin it. Stir well before use, if using 5ml sample packs give them a few squeezes before opening to mix the contents. 

Number of coats 2
Drying time 12 hrs
Coverage is dependent on surface 20 m²


How to apply Osmo Clear Extra Thin

It's always advisable to test a small area first to check your happy with the colour. 

Allow good ventilation to aid drying/application.

We recommend using Osmo application cloths and Osmo brushes.

Alternatively you can use a fine, firm bristled brush.

Apply a thin even coat along the grain of the hardwood and allow the first coat to dry for approx 30 minutes removing excess with a clean lint free cloth.

Once dry apply a second thin even coat removing excess and allow to dry overnight.

Remember to clean your brushes! Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner.

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