Woodworking Tool Sets for Kids

At Ash & Co Workshops, we strongly believe that all children should be using good quality, real woodworking tools when they’re learning to make things from wood.

That’s why we have created these woodworking tool sets for kids. We’re fed up of seeing play tools or super low-quality tools in kits that are just not up to the job! We hate seeing kids bored by not have the kit and we want to change that.

Using real tools makes woodwork special, it teaches kids that yes, some things are sharp, heavy and dangerous and they learn to be careful accordingly.

Having nice tools teaches children to respect tools so they don’t get ruined. Packing them away safely should be part of the job - It’s just not the same as play kits than can be left lying around and the kids know it! 

Check out our kits especially set-up for kids in this section. Enough to keep your child happy in the garden for weeks!

With these simple kits, some scrap wood and some nails - kids can make so many things - from scratch - using their own imaginations. You won’t believe what kids can come up with!

Above all else, you can spend some quality time together ‘making’ - In our opinion there’s nothing better.