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Woodworking Tool Kit - Shaping Wood

Woodworking Tool Kit - Shaping Wood


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This set of woodworking tools has a whopping 60% off and contains everything you need to start shaping wood. Comes in a kraft cardboard box to make a great gift this Christmas.

Woodworking Tool Kit Contains:

• Draper Block Plane
• Draper Flat Faced Spoke Shaver
• Draper Rasp
• Dekton Flat Engineers File
• Dekton Professional Sharpening Stone


A Block Plane is an essential tool to have in the bag for any woodworker or carpenter and this one from Draper is a good, solid block plane which will last for years. It has a 35mm blade which is made from high carbon hardened steel which has been tempered and fully ground.

Block planes are traditionally used for planing end grain but we use them for all sorts of little jobs in the workshop and they are a great introductions to hand planes for adults and children alike. 

I always keep one in my tool box sharpened and ready to go and it's probably the most used hand tool I own.  

We've also included a lovely Flat Faced Spoke Shave in this kit which is great for beginners to use to shape the wood quickly. The very sharp blade underneath is set so that it takes a little shaving of wood allowing you to smooth off edges and create rounded profiles. 

The Rasp and File let you work the wood by scraping it away until you have the shape you're looking for. With a little effort, you can create wonderful shapes for your projects from all kinds of wood. 

The Dekton Sharpening Stone features two sides both made from Indian stone: a coarse side to sharpen tools and a Fine side to remove imperfections. The Stone measures 200x50x25mm and can be used with water or oil.



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