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Scrappy Races fun family woodcraft workshop

Hello and thank you for your interest in our Scrappy Races fun workshops. We hope you find the answers you are looking for here and that we will be welcoming you to the workshop very soon.

If you need any further information you can find full contact details here ›

How will I make the car?  

Scrappy races is component based so you can choose from a whole range of cool components depending on what you want to build. You can choose a body type and then accessories like engines, jet packs, head lights, windscreens and loads more. Once you have got your selections together, you take them back to your bench and start building. Then all you need to do is decorate it and add your number! Simples. 

What type of car can I make?

There are loads of different body types to choose from - you could try a Bentley Blower style car, a low rider, a police car and loads of others. You don't have to do that though - the only limit is your creativity! 

Will I get to use tools?

Yes, you'll get to use hammers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers and sanding blocks.

Do I need to bring anything with me? 

No, all the wood, components and decorations you'll need will be prepared and ready to use. 

Do I need to buy a ticket for an accompanying grown-up? 

No. Tickets for racers under the age of 14 include a free adult, and children can work with their grown-up as a team if you wish for a really fun way to spend quality time together. 

How are the cars propelled down the track? 

Our 10 metre long track reaches nearly 3 metres in to the roof of the workshop so we can use gravity alone to power the cars.

How long is the session? 

The sessions are typically 2 hours long. 1 hour to build the cars and 1 hour to go racing. If we have a full session of 16 racers then this will go up to approx 2.5 hours as racing takes a bit longer.

Can I bring someone with special needs?

We are happy to welcome people with special needs but as requirements are so varied we will need to discuss this with you personally before booking. Please contact us directly through our contact page to discuss your needs.   

How old do children need to be to take part? 

Children over the age of 5 are welcome to join in. Please note, a parent or carer must accompany and assist the children in the workshop at all times. You do not need to pay for any adult helpers, only participants require a ticket.

Depending on the age of the children, the following ratios are required:
Age 5 - 6 = 1 adult per child
Age 7 - 9 = 1 adult per two children 
Age 10 and up = 1 adult per three children

How do you run the races? 

We ensure that every car gets a go in every lane and we award points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. The three cars with the most points win!

How can I make my car win? 

We're glad you asked! All cars have a maximum weight limit and usually the heavier ones win so make sure your car is as close to the limit as possible. 

It matters where you put the weight on the car so focus the weight just forward of the back wheels. 

Friction is your biggest enemy so do anything you can to reduce it and MAKE SURE your wheels are not rubbing on the body of the car. 

Aerodynamics play a bigger part than you might think so pay attention. Think racing cars...

How do I find the workshop? 

Easy peasy - just click on the map at the bottom of our home page or the contacts page and click on the directions button. It will take you straight there. 

Where do I park when I get there? 

You can park literally right outside the door of the workshop but we’ll send you full details about that when you book. 

Do I need to pay for parking?

No. Parking is free at the workshop. 

Do you provide drinks? 

Yes. Complimentary tea, coffee and water are available all day 

Do you provide safety equipment?

Yes. We are full stocked with all the safety equipment you will need for the day including ear plugs, ear defenders, safety glasses, disposable gloves, aprons and dust masks. 

Can I take home the car I make? 

Yes! Absolutely - we want you to be proud of your car and show it off to everyone and tell them what great time you had!   

How many people will be in the workshop?

We can have up to 16 racers per event. 

How do I book my place?

Simply fill out the form at the top of the course details page and purchase through the usual checkout process.

We will need the name of the attendee/s and a contact phone number and email address. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards except for American Express and Paypal through our secure payment gateway.

Can I buy the course as a gift?

Yes - check out our gift vouchers page on the website to purchase a gift for your loved one.

Can I book Scrappy Races on a date not shown in your calendar?

Maybe. If you are looking for a specific date that is not shown on our calendar then please contact us directly through the contact page. We don’t publish courses too far in advance as we change them around regularly so we might be able to fit a course in just when you need it! 

Oh no, I need to cancel my booking - what can I do? 

If you are unable to come along to your Scrappy Race day, please contact us straight away by email. Our courses are fully transferable so you can change your date or send someone else in your place should you need to. 

If you need to change a date within 7 days of your course, we can transfer a booking to a new date with a £5 transfer fee per place. Please select a new date and contact us via email informing us of the date. We will send you a payment email in return and will confirm your new booking once payment has been made. 

Please note that the right to cancel period of 7 days is not valid if the course begins within 7 days of making your booking.

We cannot refund if you cancel 24hrs before a workshop takes place.

Occasionally, we may have to cancel a workshop if the tutor is suddenly unavailable or there are too few people booked to make the course viable. We will aim to let you have at least 24 hours notice if this happens. We will offer a credit, transfer your booking to another workshop or issue you a full refund – your choice.

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