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Make a Wooden Cheese Board Kit

Make a Wooden Cheese Board Kit

Ash & Co. Workshops

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If you’ve always fancied having a go at woodwork but don’t know where to start then this is the kit for you.

You don’t need massive machinery or huge boards to get working with real, quality hardwood; we’ve done the hard work for you! All our cheese board kits are made from top-grade solid hardwoods and are available in either American Black Walnut or English Ash.

We’ve made the cheese board kit available in a variety of options so you can choose how much woodworking you want to do.

The cheese board kit includes your beautiful hardwood board cut to size and planed both sides with a hole pre-drilled for convenience. The board will need properly sanding and finishing to achieve a deep satin finish that is food safe and fit for the finest cheese you can muster!

We’ve included three different types of sand-paper so you can work through the grits from rough to smooth to finish your cheeseboard to perfection. The kit also includes an Osmo hard wax-oil finishing kit so you can give your beautiful board two coats of loveliness to protect it for years to come.

Of course, you can follow along with our in-depth instructional video to learn how to sand and finish your cheese board the professional way and get a perfect finish you can be proud of. You can apply the skills you learn to other wood projects in the future too!


The character building kit
Your Cheese Board Making Kit comes with:

  • Hardwood board

  • 80 grit, 120 grit and 180 grit high quality sandpaper

  • Wooden sanding block

  • Osmo Hardwax-Oil sachet & mixing pot

  • Specialist 3M finishing sponges

  • Fully detailed instructional video

For in-depth build instructions, please check out our video here ›

    As an optional extra, we recommend including a Tri-Base Detail Sander. This little sander is super light-weight and great for small objects making it the perfect addition to this kit. Click here if you would like to view details of the sander and add it to your kit ›  

    Character building kits for all ages
    The cheeseboard kit is suitable for any age but requires patience so we recommend ages 8+ for this one. Of course, children should be fully supervised at all times when doing any sort of woodworking and if the kit is ordered with any add-on tools - extra care should be taken.

    This is not a toy and children must be supervised at all times when building their kit. 

    What tools are needed to make a wooden character?
    You won’t need any tools to complete your cheeseboard as everything is included in the kit. That said, we highly recommend using a block of wood as a sanding block to make life easier on your hands. Any kind of block will do.

    If you don’t fancy sanding much by hand, then investing in a power sander is advised. Click here to find out more about the Draper Tri-Base Detail Sander ›

    What if I want to do more than sanding and finishing? 
    We hear you! If you fancy delving a bit deeper into woodworking, then why not add a spoke shave to your order? A spoke shave is a brilliant tool that’s easy for beginners and allows you to shape the wood in all manner of ways.

    Using a spoke shave to round over the edges of your cheese board is great fun and really adds something to the final product. They work straight out of the box and allow you to start your journey into woodwork. You can add one to the cheeseboard kit from the drop down above but before you order - make sure you’ve got some way to hold the wood properly. A simple fold-up workbench will do the trick but a bench vice is better if you have access! 

    I want a rounded curvey shape for my cheese board!
    Then curvey you shall have - if you fancy doing some lovely curves and adding some more shapes to your board then a coping saw is a great place to start. You can add curvey bits to your heart’s content but there will be a lot of sanding to do when you’re finished so a tri-sander is recommended to get into those curves!  Don’t forget, you’ll need a proper work holding solution so you can saw properly and safely - check out the links above for more info.

    Safety warnings
    This woodworking kit is not a toy. It contains small parts and must be kept out of the way of babies and very young children. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times whilst making this kit. Once assembled, please keep your car away from babies due to the small parts and components which may become loose when the kit is complete. 

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