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Essential Maker Tool Kit

Essential Maker Tool Kit


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The Essential Maker Tool Kit for is a great starter set of tools and contains everything you need to build one of our awesome character kits or scrappy racer cars.

We've selected four brilliant little tools to get the job done.

First up is the Quick Flip Screwdriver which has a Flat Head No 6 on one side and a Pozidrive No 2 on the other which can be changed around to suit the screw you're using in seconds.

Second is a lovely pair of Mini Long Nose Pliers with wire cutters included and PVC dipped handles - perfect for holding small items, cutting our aluminum wire and pushing things in place. 

Third is a handy Flexible Sanding Sponge - a great tool to have around for those little sanding jobs. You can also wrap sandpaper around the block and away you go - low cost and no hassle! 

Finally, we've included an excellent lightweight Fibreglass Shaft Stubby Claw Hammer - Perfect for kids to use to knock in those dowels or nails with ease. The hammer also features a magnetic nail starter which makes life much easier for kids. 

This little tool kit is perfect for building characters and a range of other tasks and like all the kits at Ash & Co, they are good quality tools and will last for years and years. 


WARNING: Children should be supervised AT ALL TIMES when using these tools - they are proper tools and they are sharp.    


Why we use proper tools for kids

At Ash & Co Workshops, we believe that kids should be using good quality, real woodworking tools when they’re learning to make things from wood and that’s why we’ve created our woodworking tool sets for kids. We’re fed up of seeing play tools or super low-quality tools in kits that are not up to the job

Using real tools makes woodwork special, it teaches kids that yes, some things are sharp, heavy and dangerous and they learn to be careful accordingly.

Having nice tools teaches children to respect them so they don’t get ruined. Packing them away safely should be part of the job - It’s just not the same as play kits than can be left lying around.

Advice for parents 

Check out our new instruction videos so you can show your child how to use these tools safely and start making stuff. We’ll launch more project videos as time goes on so you can build specific projects but to get started - let the kids lead the way. They’ll tell you exactly what they want to build.

Get some wood in stock - you can buy packs online easily and start with balsa wood for young children aged 5-7 - It’s super easy to work with when you’re getting started.

For older kids, buy pine or spruce - It’s more hardy but still soft enough to use easily.

I’d also recommend getting some pre-made shapes in for kids to use. Circles cut from small logs are great for making car wheels - and triangles and squares are handy to have around too!


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