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Spring Chick Egg Cup Making Kit

Spring Chick Egg Cup Making Kit

Ash & Co. Workshops

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Meet our awesome new Spring Chick wooden egg cup making kit – we've named ours Cluck Norris!

Make your own fun Spring Chick egg cup with our brand new woodworking kit. A great craft kit to keep the family entertained this Easter.

We’ve pulled out all the stops on this one and ‘pecked’ our favourite woods to create a fun egg cup design for you to enjoy making at home.

Made from beautiful Maple, Sapele and Birch hardwoods – your wooden egg cup will last a lifetime. You’ll have loads of fun building your chick and finishing it with our food-safe Osmo oil kit*. Don't forget to name your chick too – we'd love to hear your ideas!

*Please note that whilst Osmo is food-safe when dry, the oil does contain a small amount of drying agent and so should only be handled by an adult

The character building kit
The kit comes with all the specialist hardwood components needed to build either one or two Spring Chick Egg Cups. We also provide sandpaper, a finishing kit and full instructions. 

Your Spring Chick Egg Cup Making Kit comes with:

  • Hardwood components (to make either one or two chicks)

  • 120 grit and 180 grit high quality sandpaper

  • Osmo Hardwax-Oil finishing kit with 1 x Yellow and 1 x Clear Satin Osmo sachet (enough for two egg cups)

  • Fully detailed instructional video

For in-depth build instructions, please check out our video here ›

What tools are needed to make a wooden character?
You’ll need some PVA (recommended) or super glue, some kitchen roll or old cloth and a hammer. If you need a hammer – you can get one here.

Whilst not essential, masking tape can also make the job a bit easier and a small paint brush can help apply the glue. Everything else you need is supplied in the kit.

You’ll be able to build your chick egg cup in about 1-2 hours but once you’ve applied the oil finish, you’ll need to wait for that to dry which usually takes around 12 hours. As it’s a natural oil finish – the longer you can wait the better as it hardens more and more with time but a week would be ideal.

Cluck Norris and his pals aren't dishwasher safe so please don’t put them in there! They can be wiped clean with warm soapy water, then patted dry.

Over time, each wash will remove a little bit of the natural oil finish – you’ll be able to tell as it will start to look a bit dry and lighter in colour over time. When this happens, just wipe on another coat of our Osmo oil and you’re done for the next two years or so.


Character building kits for all ages
This kit is a great family project but as always, supervision is a must. The Osmo oil we provide can only be used by adults due to the very small amount of drying agents in it and it will stain anything it touches so make sure you work on a suitable surface. 

Adults should also ensure the parts are properly sanded before applying oil to make sure the surface is properly smooth – this will ensure you can clean it properly when you’ve finished munching your scrumptious dippy eggs!

This is not a toy and children must be supervised at all times when helping to build this kit.

Safety warnings
This woodworking kit is not a toy. It contains small parts and must be kept out of the way of babies and very young children. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times whilst making this kit and Osmo oils must only be handled by an adult. Once assembled, please keep your egg cup away from babies due to the small parts and components which may become loose when the kit is complete. 

This kit contains Osmo - a wood finishing oil. Make sure you follow the instructions and properly protect all your clothing and work area. 

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