Why you should buy ‘real' woodworking tools for kids

Why you should buy ‘real' woodworking tools for kids

I get it, your 7 year old is interested in woodworking - they love ‘making’ and you want to get them a decent tool set? Great upon great!

So you head online and search for ‘woodworking tools for kids’ and get offered up a range of sets saying something like ‘small size tools for kids with 25 TOOLS!!’ - sounds good right? Around £40? Perfect!

Well I don’t think so! Read on to find out more…

Why buy ‘tools for kids’ when you can buy ‘real tools’ that are suitable for kids to use?

Did you know that there are hundreds of tools out there that are perfectly suited for children even though they are designed for adults?

Did you also know that these tools can be bought at low cost?

Did you also know that these tools are inherently much better quality than the dross you see in the ‘kids’ kits (they have to be because they are for adults)? 

Well it’s true and let me give you some examples of great woodworking tools that are also great for kids:

  1. Stubby Claw Hammer - small hammer designed for adults but perfect for kids 
  2. Stubby Screwdrivers - Small screwdrivers for getting into tight spaces but perfect for kids 
  3. Small long nose pliers - small set of pliers used every day by adults but perfect for kids! 
  4. Toolbox Saw - Special short saw that fits in your toolbox - it’s short - so great for kids.

All of these adult tools are inexpensive but will last a lifetime. If your child gets bored of making, no problem - you can keep these gems for work around the house! You can check out our range of woodworking tools for kids here ›

Why do I believe real tools are so much better?

Well, they’re proper woodworking tools - you can impress that upon your child and they’re much more likely to look after them.

You could even tell them you’ll buy the next tool in the kit once they’ve mastered the ones they’ve got (a little trick my Dad used to use with me!) Then each new one will be really special.

But most importantly, proper tools work well and that means your child will get the job done. The tools they have in their hands will definitely be of a high enough quality to complete their project and that means they will get there easier…

…And that means they will want to do it again and that means that maybe, just maybe they’ll fall in love with woodworking and making…and that, my fellow parents will give them a little place to go when they’re stressed which will always remind them of the time they made that little robot with their mum/dad/sister/grandad/auntie/etc.

That’s why I love woodwork by the way - reminds me of when I made that small wooden shed with my dad and he showed me how to use a hammer. I’ve still got that hammer.

Love you dad.

Check out our range of special curated woodworking tool sets for kids here › 

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