Our Sustainable Ethos

At Ash and Co. we care about sustainability and embrace an 'Eco-Luxe' ethos.

Put simply, this embraces the finer things in life whilst being kind to the planet. We believe if everyone makes small positive changes, it adds up to a big difference.

  We use FSC sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood

We always use solid wood. You won't find any formaldehyde-glued, gas-emitting particle board here.

  We source natural 'ingredients'…

When we use materials other than wood we carefully source the most environmentally friendly materials, such as lead-free brass and vegetable-tanned leather.

  And we use a natural wood protector

Osmo Polyx Wax-Oil is a premium combination wood finish made of natural plant oils and waxes. It is odorless once dry and extremely durable and water-resistant. 

 Handmade in Britain

Lovingly handcrafted in the countryside on the Hampshire / Surrey border using many traditional methods means super-low carbon emissions from our workshop. 

 Luxury furniture and accessories for your home

Our quality, solid wood products are expertly crafted with quintessentially British understated elegance. We create every design with form and function in mind. Beautiful to look at and beautiful to use.