Stressed? Make something!

Stressed? Make something!

Life is hard. Work is rubbish. We need an escape!

This is why I love making so much. If you’re looking for creative ways to de-stress then let me persuade you to give woodworking a go.

Just Make Something
Everybody has their escape plans. Some people go to the gym, some people ride bikes, do karate, paint, whatever.

They are all worthwhile pursuits of course but for me, it’s making something - usually out of wood. It doesn’t really matter what, I just love it.

I mean - I REALLY love it, woodworking has become a proper passion and there’s one major reason for that.


Woodworking gives me a peace inside that I never even knew existed. When I’m making, I don’t worry about things at all - I’m just focussed on the job at hand and the hours fade away and at the end of the day - something exists that didn’t before and I can hold it in my hands - it’s not digital and hopefully it will be here longer than me.

You get to be creative
So you want to make a…WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! I mean think about that - literally almost anything can be made from wood. All you need to do is pick something you would really LOVE to make.

How about a guitar?A keepsake box with a name inlaid in the top? A new kitchen table? A bed?

ANYTHING is available to you. Just bring your imagination. I promise your brain will be whirring like never before getting into the detail of how to build your amazing.. (Enter cool thing here).

Feel the woodwork zen
As woodwork engages both sides of the brain and requires your full concentration, it can apparently, have a very similar effect to meditation.

Scientists have found that the very act of working with wood can trigger your body’s relaxation response. This makes it easier for you to relax and de-stress, ultimately improving your mental health.

You see?  That’s from actual scientists and you can’t argue with science!

Family, Community & Friends
There’s no doubt that connecting with friends and loved ones on a regular basis is a great way to de-stress. Taking on a project with a friend or family member forces you to make time for the project; and enables you to spend time with the people you love most and deepen these vital relationships.

What’s more, if you don’t have a mate to team up with, you can also build new friendships by taking part in woodworking courses or getting involved in a community project. This gives you the opportunity to find people in your area with similar interests.

It keeps you fit (ter than if you sit down watching telly..)
OK so, it’s not a cardio workout, but it keeps you on your feet and moving around at a pace that suits you and if you’re sitting behind a desk all day - you need it.

So, just make something ok?
I would go as far as to say this - Family aside - I honestly didn’t know what happiness was in my work life until I started woodworking for my career. I always thought work was something that we just had to endure. I work longer hours now than I’ve ever worked in my life, yet I don’t work a single day. Please, just give it a go.

Get in touch
If you do decide to take the plunge, then let us know! we run a range of creative woodworking evening courses, or if you need some advice, we’re here. There’s nothing I love more than seeing what projects our customers take on so be sure to take some pictures and tag us in them on social media.

Happy making!

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