Mini Maker Tool Kit - £17.95

Mini Maker Tool Kit - £17.95

Are you looking to spark your child's creativity while also teaching them valuable life skills? Look no further than the Mini Maker Tool Kit – the ultimate companion for budding young creators.

We believe in empowering kids to use real tools, and this kit is designed to do just that. As well as providing all the tools your child needs to build one of our creative Mini Maker kits, this set can be used again and again for all their crafting and DIY projects. In this blog post, we'll delve into each tool and explore how it can ignite your child's passion for woodwork and DIY projects.


Quick flip screwdriver

1. Quick-Flip Screwdriver
Featuring a Flat Head No. 6 on one side and a Pozidriv No. 2 on the other, this versatile screwdriver adapts effortlessly to different screws. This means your child can confidently tackle various projects, from attaching the arms and legs of one of our character kits, to screwing on the wheels in our car kits, or even jobs around the house (if you let them!) Before you know it they could be assembling furniture and fixing those loose cabinet handles!

This tool is an excellent introduction to problem-solving and mechanical skills for young makers.

Click here for our quick tutorial video on using a screwdriver


Stubby claw hammer

 2. Stubby Claw Hammer:

The Stubby Claw Hammer might be small, but it packs a punch in the confidence-building department. Perfectly sized for young hands, it allows your child to knock in dowels and small nails with ease. The magnetic nail starter simplifies the process, making them feel like true builders.

Click here for our quick tutorial video on using a hammer


Sandpaper multipack for woodworking projects

3. Sandpaper Multipack

Craftsmanship is all about those finishing touches, and that's where this sandpaper multipack comes in. With different grits at their disposal, children can learn the art of sanding and finishing wood. Whether they're working on a Mini Maker kit or a project of their very own, this tool encourages attention to detail and patience – essential skills for life!

Click here for our quick tutorial video on sanding


Midi hot glue gun

4. Hot-Melt Midi Glue Gun

Instant, strong sticking power – that's what this hot-melt glue gun brings to the table! Decorating your projects has never been this much fun and convenient. Just remember to pay attention to our safety briefing; we want your creative journey to be both exciting and safe!

So why wait? Check out the Mini Maker Tool Kit today and discover why it's a brilliant starter tool set for kids.

Using real tools from a young age is not just about building projects; it's about building skills, confidence, and a lifelong love for creating. Watch your child transform into a confident, capable maker, equipped with skills that will last a lifetime.

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