Kids Craft Party

Kids Craft Party

Hey there, parents!

Are you planning a craft birthday party for your little one and looking for a fun arts and crafts activity that'll keep the kids entertained?

Then why not host a craft party with our awesome wood craft kits for kids? They're the perfect way to keep kids engaged and unleash their creativity at your craft party.

Here are some tips to throw the best (and easiest!) craft party ever:

  1. Choose a theme: Whether your child is into superheroes, monsters or animals, we’ve got you covered with our range of fun themes. So, pick one that matches their interests and get ready for some serious craft party fun!
  2. Get the kits: With our Craft Party Bundle deal, you can get 6 kits for £80 or 12 kits for £140 for your arts and crafts party. That's a steal compared to the usual price of £14.95 each! The kits can be used as the craft party activity or given as party favours instead of traditional party bags full of ‘tat’!.
  3. Set up a crafting space: Transform your home or hall hire into a craft haven by setting up tables and chairs with plenty of room for each child to work. It’s probably a good idea to cover the tables to protect against sawdust and sticky stuff! You’ll need a hammer and cross-head screwdriver per child or a few to share. Any household tools will do the job!
  4. Give simple instructions (we know from experience in the workshop, kids don’t listen much at parties!) Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrate each step of the project build. Familiarise yourself with the instructions beforehand and you’ll be just fine. Keep an eye on the little ones whilst they are using the tools so everyone stays safe while building their masterpieces.
  5. Fuel up with snacks and drinks: Crafting can be hungry work, but food and sawdust don’t mix! Our advice is to set up the snacks in a different area or wait until the craft activity has finished before serving food and birthday cake.
  6. Tidy up time: Once the crafting is done, it's time to clean up your arts and crafts party. Encourage the kids to help put things away and dispose of any rubbish. You'll find that our kits have no nasty plastic packaging hiding inside, just a small recyclable paper bag and a few paper leaflets.  

Our wood craft kits are a fantastic way to throw a fun and memorable craft party for kids aged 6+. So, let's get crafting and see those little imaginations run wild at your next craft party!

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