Looking for eco-friendly gifts for kids?

Looking for eco-friendly gifts for kids?

Ditch the 'tat' and shop local, at a price that doesn’t cost the Earth!

As parents, we always want to give our kids, and their friends, birthday gifts that are fun and engaging. Fast delivery is usually a necessity too!

But what if you are also trying to find an eco-friendly gift? Preferably one that doesn’t cost the Earth. It’s not always easy to find the perfect present.

Ta Dah! Enter the Ash & Co MAKES range of creative wood craft kits for kids. 

Our make-at-home woodworking craft kits are STEM-friendly, engaging, and fun gifts aimed at children aged between 6 - 12 years old. We've worked hard to provide an eco-friendly gift alternative for those who want to avoid purchasing the mass-produced craft kits and toys that often end up in landfill. Our kits come in plastic-free packaging and are made, by hand, right here in our Hampshire workshop from renewable solid wood sourced from FSC-certified forests. Plus, for every two kits sold, we plant one tree as a way of giving back more than we take.


Ash & Co MAKES - A range of fun wood craft kits for children who love to create and build




No more ‘tat’!

The problem with many conventional craft kits, which are given as gifts, is that they come in excessive packaging, with cheap, poorly made components that have a short lifespan. Children quickly lose interest, and the toys end up in the bin.

Ash & Co MAKES kits are the perfect eco-friendly gift for kids who love to build and create. They give children hands-on experience working with real wood, teach simple woodworking techniques and help develop STEM problem-solving skills. They offer quality, screen-free creative time, inspiring children’s imaginations as they can decorate their creation any way they choose. In our experience, children are so proud of their finished project that they name it and treasure it for years to come!

Easy and fun to make, and starting at under £15, these kits are an affordable way to introduce children to the joy of woodworking.


Arggghhh! So much plastic!!

We recently weighed the plastic that came out of a mass-manufactured ‘tat’ craft kit our son was given as a gift, and it came in at 257 grams. Perhaps not too shocking in itself, but if everyone switched just one gift they give to a child each year to an eco-friendly alternative, just think how much plastic that would save from our rubbish dumps!

We weighed how much plastic came in a mass-produced kids craft kit - 257g!

About that fast delivery…

As a small, family business based in Hampshire, we offer gift wrapping (in eco paper, of course!) and aim to dispatch within 24 hours with around a 3-4 day delivery time. Not too shabby, but if you’re really in a pinch and have left it to the last minute to buy a gift (as I so often am!) our Ash & Co MAKE kits are also available through Amazon Prime

So, whether you’re shopping for unique children gifts, party bag fillers, activities for a rainy day, homeschooling projects, or ways to entertain and engage your tweens; feel good knowing that you’re supporting a small business, caring for the planet, and purchasing a great activity to while away a few hours.

Give the gift of creativity and sustainability - Click here to see the full range.

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