Machining Services - £50 per hour

Machining Services - £50 per hour

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Ash & Co. Workshops offers a variety of wood machining and milling services at a rate of £50 per hour.

Services available include:

Planing and thicknessing raw timber - (Maximum 250mm wide and 160mm deep)

Cutting straight edge on raw timber - (Max length 3 metres)

Adding profiles such as roman ogee, roundover or other style edge to timber

Full sheet (2440 x 1220) cutting using panel saw

Timber cut to specific dimensions 

Personalised lettering adding to timber/mdf/plywood - max size - 1250mm x 790mm

Sanding services available for small and large projects on all wood types

Finishing services available on request

CNC Machining Services - Please call us for specific requirements

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