Toolkit including saw, hammer, safety specs, rasp and file.
Draper Anti Fog Safety Glasses
Draper Half Round Rasp
Draper Redine Straight Second File
Draper Redline Stubby Hammer
Draper Venom Floorboard Saw 12 TPI

Woodworking Tool Set for Kids - Bronze Kit

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The Woodworking Tool Set for Kids - Bronze Level has everything needed for kids to cut, shape and attach wood. This kit is suitable for children of any age as long as they are properly supervised and they able to physically hold the tools. We suggest that this will be ages 5 and up.


About the tools

We’ve chosen a floorboard saw for this kit as it’s easier for small hands to hold and cuts easily with it’s fine teeth - Perfect for the beginner.

The rasp and file lets kids work the wood by scraping it away until they have the shape they’re looking for. With a little effort, kids can create wonderful shapes for their projects from all kinds of wood.

We included the the stubby claw hammer too, which is great for experimenting with nailing things together and has the ability to pull the nails out with the claw at the back. Perfect for small hands and the lighter weight is easier for children to use repeatably. 

Of course we’ve included some anti mist safety specs too which should be worn at all times!

Please note: We recommend you work on a suitable work table when doing woodwork. You need to be able to hold the wood safely from moving around. For a low cost option, check out our Draper Redline Foldable Workbench Here.   

WARNING: Children should be supervised AT ALL TIMES when using these tools - they are proper tools and they are sharp.    

Why we use proper tools for kids

At Ash & Co Workshops, we believe that kids should be using good quality, real woodworking tools when they’re learning to make things from wood and that’s why we’ve created our woodworking tool sets for kids. We’re fed up of seeing play tools or super low-quality tools in kits that are not up to the job

Using real tools makes woodwork special, it teaches kids that yes, some things are sharp, heavy and dangerous and they learn to be careful accordingly.

Having nice tools teaches children to respect them so they don’t get ruined. Packing them away safely should be part of the job - It’s just not the same as play kits than can be left lying around.

In our workshops, there’s nothing I love more than showing a child how to use a hammer, a drill or a saw for the first time. Children start off thinking they can’t do it and after a bit of persistence, they’re hammering/sawing/drilling away like a pro.

The sense of achievement is clear to be seen - when kids manage to cut through their first piece of wood, hammer in their first nail or learn how to drill a hole they are given confidence that ‘they can do it’ and that leads to the next steps.

With these simple kits, some scrap wood and some nails - kids can make so many things - from scratch - using their own imaginations. You won’t believe what kids can come up with!

Above all else, you can spend some quality time together ‘making’ - In our opinion there’s nothing better.

Advice for parents 

Check out our new instruction videos so you can show your child how to use these tools safely and start making stuff. We’ll launch more project videos as time goes on so you can build specific projects but to get started - let the kids lead the way. They’ll tell you exactly what they want to build.

Get some wood in stock - you can buy packs online easily and start with balsa wood for young children aged 5-7 - It’s super easy to work with when you’re getting started.

For older kids, buy pine or spruce - It’s more hardy but still soft enough to use easily.

I’d also recommend getting some pre-made shapes in for kids to use. Circles cut from small logs are great for making car wheels - and triangles and squares are handy to have around too!


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